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Where is Mowdown in Fortnite? Location & Challenge

Mowdown in Fortnite


Where is Mowdown in Fortnite? Location & Challenge

If you have tracked down Risky Reels and Grumpy Greens as a part of Fortnite’s weekly challenge, then you’re only left off with Mowdown. The greed for experience points might be pushing you with extreme intensity right now to locate the Mowdown landmark.

Calm down and take a breather as there’s no reason to trouble yourself. We’re here to tell you exactly where you can find the last landmark to gain the 40000 exp. Here’s our guide on the location of Mowdown in Fortnite. Take a look!

Mowdown in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 2 ‘s Mowdown is a racetrack loop. It’s pretty close to the Shadow safe house and even includes a secret passageway to that area. In addition to this, Mowdown features a full row of lawnmowers. These lawnmowers can be lined up to race at Mowdown. As compared to Risky Reels, Mowdown and Grumpy Greens are closer landmarks. So, it’s appropriate to visit these landmarks one after another.

Mowdown Location

To be very specific, Mowdown is in the F2 section of the map. This proposition brings us to the fact that you’ll have to consult a map to locate Mowdown’s location in Fortnite’s gameplay.

Also, it’s on the map with a big red circle, so it wouldn’t be that hard to identify. It’s present on the northern side of Frenzy Farm and a Shadow safe House.

Now, head right after you have reached the Pleasant Park landmark. After crossing the river that lies ahead, you’ll come across a mountain. So, try to head up the mountain until you’re able to come face to face with an area featuring several lawnmowers. For more guides & free skins details visit Fortgag. These lawnmowers will be scattered everywhere on the ground.  You’ve come across your final destination named Mowdown, and now it’s time to end the challenge.

How to complete the Fortnite chapter 2 Mowdown Challenge?

Locating the Mowdown Landmark isn’t the final step of this challenge. The players must figure out if the game has picked up the location or not. So, once you’re sure that you are in the right place, try to move around.

Consequently, the game will pick up your location, and you’ll head over to the next two landmarks. After visiting all the suggested landmarks, the player will get rewarded with the promised 40,000 exp.


We hope that this article will help you find out Mowdown’s location in Fortnite. So, all you have to do is follow our directed coordinates to reach the challenge’s last landmark. Soon the 40000 experience points are going to be yours!

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