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Where is Lake Canoe in the Fortnite? Location & Challenges

Lake Canoe in the Fortnite


Where is Lake Canoe in the Fortnite? Location & Challenges

Do you wish to tick off Lake Canoe from your long list of challenges? Well, fear not because we’re here to help. Fortnite’s Meowscles Mischief Challenges are currently in full swing. This challenge requires Fortnite players to visit the three infamous landmarks; Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, and Rainbow Rentals. Lake Canoe is a pretty old landmark that gets frequently mentioned during season 1 challenges.

Furthermore, Season 2 challenges utilize the infamous landmark for potential challenges as well. For more guides and challenges visit Here’s our guide on the exact location of Lake Canoe on Fortnite. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll get done pretty soon.

Lake Canoe

There’s quite a possibility that old players might know this landmark. As for the new ones, the newbies will require new guidelines to locate each landmark. To be exact, Lake Canoe is a vast body of water. The challenge requires you to visit the area and boogie around it.

Lake Canoe Location

To locate Lake Canoe, each Fortnite player might need a map. In this way, tracking landmarks become way more comfortable. The infamous Lake Canoe is near the western side of the Grotto. The east side of the map is the exact area that should be under your reach. Lake Canoe is close to the Grotto and Dirty Docks. Hence, once you identify these two areas, it would be easier to locate the final landmark.

A tip that can aid in identifying Lake Canoe is the presence of fifty canoes scattered around it. It’s easy to remember. Now, after reaching this area, you can proceed with the rest of the challenge.

How to complete the Lake Canoe challenge in Fortnite?

The challenge doesn’t require you to do something that appears to be too difficult. Neither would you be asked to do something that could be harder for newbies. This Fortnite challenge requires players to dance at the dictated landmarks. Yes! You heard it right. To complete this challenge from Battle Pass, Fortnite players are firstly supposed to locate Lake Canoe on the map and then dance on that exact location. Seems pretty easy and entertaining, right? Just as we thought. The catch here is that you can complete all the landmarks during a single match or multiple matches. It’s totally up to you, which is a great option.


So, there’s no harm in just hopping on the bandwaggon. What’s the least you’d be asked to do except dancing around. Thatswhy quit waiting, and locate Lake Canoe by using our step by step guideline. We hope that this guide would help you in locating Lake Canoe.

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