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Cyberpunk 2077: Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Cyberpunk 2077: Things The Game Doesn't Tell You


Cyberpunk 2077: Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

locked doors

You’ll need some things if you want to get everywhere like to get through certain locked doors at least put points into technical ability and body as certain locked doors need to be lock picked which requires a certain number of points of technical and some doors and barriers can be torn off and that requires body if you want to get everywhere in the city you’ll need to put points into both of these attributes though like we mentioned earlier it’s not a bad idea just to save some points in case you come to a door you want to open but don’t have a high enough value to open it there’s also some spots where it looks like you’ll be able to jump into them but they’re too far away to access places like that you’ll need a particular piece of cyberware either reinforced tendons to be able to double jump or fortified ankles to boost jump either will get you where you want to go but fair warning these are both really expensive at.

Drive Around The City

You should drive around the city rather than fast travel which sounds totally counterproductive but it’s actually much better like there are these fast travel points basically all over the place they’re convenient they’re easy to use but if you go through the game exclusively using them you’re missing out on a few things mainly calls from your contacts seem to call when you transition from one area to another a lot of the time.

Travel Fast

They also seem to call you based on other factors like the time the ones that do primarily contact you when you enter a new area can be missed if all you do is fast travel fast traveling can also get you into a problem where your calls start to stack up forcing you to wait outside a mission door while you’re talking to various people that want to get in contact with you like we guess v is a popular guy so it’s good to give yourself some downtime to get caught up with all the calls and texts you’ll be getting we don’t know we feel like there’s a funny joke to make about texting while driving but seriously like this is a good thing to do while you’re playing this game at.

Side jobs

The side jobs not elaborate too much on this one but if you’re playing the game it’s smart to do as many of the big side jobs as you can and for one main reason they can affect the ending there’s basically only one ending in the game if you just play the main story other options become available to you only if you complete certain Cyberpunk 2077 side jobs Native Gamer they’re worth doing anyway like many of the side jobs are just as good as the main quest even boring-sounding busy work ones like finding all the rogue taxis actually have really cool payoffs so without spoiling anything do that try that and.

Secrets Hidden

This probably sounds ridiculously obvious but look around the city there are all kinds of secrets hidden around night city so just take the time to explore it and when we say explore we mean really give it a deep dive look around sometimes this game is going to surprise you with a side quest or a special weapon that is just hidden away somewhere sometimes background stuff like people talking can lead to side jobs and this part you can see some cops knocking on your door at an apartment building you see a similar scene earlier in the game but this one actually opens up a new mission if you stop and observe what’s going on for a little while like there’s stuff like this all over too there’s little weapon deposits or little stories to follow it’s not the best stuff in the game but there’s more of it than you might think like the city is really awesome perfect well made for getting lost in so wander around a bit meld absorb some culture take the scenic route whatever you want to call it there’s tons of cool stuff.


How romance works now a lot of people play this type of a game specifically for romance which sure somebody could call kinda sad but not one to judge we mean it’s a role-playing nativegamer we also play these games and we think it’s something people expect so let’s just at least run down as far as main romance options goes there are actually not really that many there’s really only one requirement for whether you can romance a character or not which is whether your character is feminine or masculine which keep that in mind while we quickly run down every main character you can romance.

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