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Best Pickleball Court Shoes

Pickleball Court Shoes


Best Pickleball Court Shoes

Pickleball is a fun game and can be played indoors and outdoor. If you have the best Pickleball shoes then it will prevent you from getting any injury. There are no specific shoes made for the Pickleball court but the player can use the shoes made for tennis, volleyball, and basketball. The main objective is to avoid any severe injury. Since the game can be played both indoor and outdoor you can select the shoes accordingly. If you are playing outdoor then pick up the tennis shoes because they have a good grip on the concrete floor. And if you are playing indoor then you must pick up volleyball or basketball shoes because they are light in weight. Some of the best Pickleball court shoes are mentioned below.

K-SWISS Women’s Hypercourt Tennis Shoes

k-SWISS Women’s Hypercourt Tennis shoes are made up of Nylon and Synthetic mesh. They are highly breathable and prevent moisture to take birth inside the shoes. Comparing to the other tennis shoes these shoes are light in weight and have soft cushioning. Which provides comfort to the player and they can wear it for a long time. The shoes are best for outdoor games which have a concrete floor. The disadvantage of these shoes is that they have a wide sole which is a problem for women. They have to tie the laces pretty hard so their foot remains in one place and do not slip inside the shoes.

New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoes

These shoes are popular among tennis and Pickleball players. They are best for outdoor as they have a rubber sole and best on concrete floors. The shoes are made up of leather with a soft cushioning that gives comfort to the player for a long time. It has C- Cap midsole that absorbs forceful impacts. The disadvantage is that the shoes are a little tight from the upper which will provide discomfort to the toe.

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