Target popcorn machine sparks electrical fire

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An electrical fire started by the popcorn machine in Keizer Station Target snack area Wednesday, Oct. 19, drew a Keizer Fire District crew to the scene.
The call was received at 11:12 am for a fire at 6450 Keizer Station Blvd NE in Keizer. Arriving crews did not see any smoke and soon discovered staff had quickly extinguished the small blaze with a fire extinguisher.
The building was in the process of being evacuated when firefighters arrived. Firefighters ensured the fire was fully extinguished and assisted staff members with removal of the smoke from the building. Target was only closed to the public for a few minutes before they were able to reopen.
Three engines, one medic, one duty officer vehicle, one ladder truck, and 13 firefighters responded to the incident. No injuries were reported. Marion County Fire District #1 responded as mutual aid to the call.

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3 Responses for “Target popcorn machine sparks electrical fire”

  1. Kevin says:

    Gee, I guess the fire department really needs more money! Three engines, a ladder truck, a command vehicle, and 15 people to respond to a popcorn machine fire. And the fire was out before they arrived! I’m glad everyone was OK.

  2. Bob says:

    Kevin, What if it had been bigger than just the popcorn machine? The fire department prepares for the worst. If they had only sent one engine you would be crying that we shoud have sent more, sooner when the whole building turned out to be on fire. Stop whining about things you don’t know and do something to help people instead of complaining about everything. Run for the board, call the fire chief and ask questions!

  3. Brian says:

    Bob, you are exactly right. If someone has questions they should call and ask the Fire Chief. It’s what we pay him for. I guess Kevin does not realize that two of those engines were from Marion County and one of them took ten minutes to respond. He also doesn’t realize that the Keizer engine was on a medical call and had to clear it to go to the fire call.
    During the day Keizer is generally staffed with an engine company and two medic units. If there is a medical call is saps resources quickly. Other cities of comperable size have two, three or four full time paid engine companies. Keizer does it on the cheap and sometimes the citizens pay for it.
    Relying on mutual aid is fine, but if those mutual companies are busy it turns into a quick problem. It would be nice if we could give the fire department the support they need to do their jobs and not rely on the tax paying citizens of Marion County or Salem to subsidize our desire to provide services on the cheap.


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