Chamber board will oppose big box measure

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The Keizer Chamber of Commerce Board has voted to oppose Measure 24-314, which would restrict retail buildings bigger than 65,000 square feet to the developed portion of Keizer Station.

The board took a vote via e-mail Wednesday, said Rich Duncan, president of the board. Duncan doesn’t expect the chamber to play a financial role.

“It’s just an opinion at this point,” Duncan said.

Keizer voters will be asked to vote on the measure March 8.

He said he saw the chamber’s role more as “educational,” such as the recent forum the chamber hosted with both proponents and opponents of the measure.

Duncan said he voted to oppose the measure.

“The main thing is the hindrance of business and growth in our community,” Duncan said. “It closes the doors to Keizer and that message cannot ring out.”

The board voted to endorse the findings of its Economic Development and Governmental Affairs committee, which found “the initiative itself is poorly written” and “has potential to hinder employment.”

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7 Responses for “Chamber board will oppose big box measure”

  1. Keizer voter says:

    Good job!

  2. Jeff anderson says:

    With Developers controlling the city and Chamber. What a shock!

  3. The real keizer voter says:

    Keizer’s Chamber is a joke, I wonder if they re going camp out along river road waving to passers bye after the Wal-Mart goes in at Keizer Station.
    The business owners along River Rd should boycott the chamber!

  4. The Bill Post Radio Show says:

    Let’s see: do I believe a bunch of yahoos that are NIMBY’S or the BUSINESSES of Keizer?
    The business owners along River Road (minus Roth’s, which is NOT a Keizer business, Orville would leave in a heartbeat if it made him happy), all seem to be just fine with this. I have chatted with a vast majority of them and they see this as a boon to not only their businesses but to the local economy.
    Stop being so selfish. Think about others for a change.

  5. clem says:

    Bill who?
    You sound like Chuck Sides!

  6. C of C member says:

    I think that the chamber should not take a side on this issue.
    They should be exposing ALL the Facts helping Keizer voters to be better informed.

  7. Jonathan says:

    So would it be safe to say that the Chamber board is anti small business? Because the Chamber is taking sides with the largest corporation in the WORLD. You don’t get to that position by having low prices, being eco-friendly and good to your employees. I’ve successfully boycotted Wal-Mart for five years, unfortunately people here in Oregon haven’t gotten to experience first hand the blows Wal-Mart has dealt to all of the American manufacturing jobs it destroyed by buying small companies and then outsourcing the work to the PRC. Also if the average person were to know that the majority of their products they make 20,000% + mark ups, they would realize Wal-Mart is not that cheap. That’s why Wal-Mart has it’s 7th straight quarter of losses, the dollar stores are killing Wal-Mart, because they can’t compete.


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